Greetings friends!

Well, I have finally made this whole blog thing a reality.  Find a comfy seat or park your car and let me tell you how ‘Mathis Style’ came to life….

If you know me, you know I love to chat. With friends, my sweet family, random kids on planes, cashiers at checkouts, strangers at restaurants, pretty much anyone who makes eye contact with me! I often find myself in mini conversations with loads of people throughout the day and I love it. Yes, it takes me about an hour to leave a party and my kids always seem to squeeze in an extra 15-20 minutes of playtime when I pick them up because their mama is chatty.  Luckily, this does not seem to faze my husband as he is guilty too!

In addition to being a chatty one, I really do love to write and tell stories. As I took a stroll down memory lane I realized that I have always been writing….diaries, scrapbooks, letters, journals, cards, lists (sometimes just so I can cross things off), emails, a cancer site for my dad, poetry….I even liked the creative writing assignments in college and these days I am a big fan of texting; thank you to that techy person! And yes, texting counts as writing!

People ask me a lot of questions. I must have one of those faces that draws people in…or it could be because I stare. I tend to stare a lot. I am intrigued with people! Thank goodness for dark sunglasses!  Seriously, I love sharing ideas, comparing notes, swapping stories, getting advice; I love interacting with people! I am that person who wants to know where you bought your adorable shoes (so I can get a matching pair), how you manage to work all day and get a meal on the table, what did you buy your husband for Christmas…anything and everything is fair game!

It was Jeremy’s (my hubby) idea for me to start this blog. For years he has overheard me share my ideas and chat with people about so many different topics. He has some amazing ideas on where this may lead and I am excited to see if he is right (if he is I will probably have to make a banner for the yard or something)! My sisters from other misters have been my cheerleaders, saying “about time” and they promised they would read it, my kids are convinced this blog will make them famous and my folks (you will hear lots about them) are beyond encouraging as they have been all of my 29+ years. The + may or may not represent more than 10…

What am a I going to blog about? All things Mathis! Hence the name, MATHIS STYLE. Big shout out to R.K. and A.N. for supplying me with the name! I believe the name was a result of a friendly dig, but nonetheless I loved it as soon as I heard it, it was perfect.

You will hear about my travels; yep I can recommend a restaurant in the Grand Canyon, how to get into the Magic Kingdom before anyone else and a fun glass shop in Prague as my husband and I are complete airport junkies.

I will share my fantastic flea market finds as I am truly in my happy place when I am rooting through someone else’s treasures. Someone who shares my living quarters may refer to these treasures as junk, but I refuse to throw that said person under the bus (for now).

If I am not hosting a party I am probably planning my next one…you will hear all the ins and outs of my parties whether you want to or not!

Organizing ‘stuff’ is a passion addiction of mine. I have a knack for finding the perfect bin/box/bag to house everyday items and make it look kinda cute along the way. I will share all, well most of my secrets! A girl has to have some secrets.

Giving back is important to me. As a family we try really hard to help others…there are lots of ways to do this and I feel passionately about instilling this trait into my kids. Big or small it can be done.

And, of course you will read about my team. I would not be able to “get through this thing called life” without them because well, “life, it means forever and that’s a mighty long time” and who wants to tackle life on their own, right?! They are an awesome team, you’ll see!

So, in honor of Labor Day month (why should it only get one day?) I am launching my Labor of Love. I hope you stick around for the ride, it may be bumpy at times, but we will figure it out together. Come on, admit it, life would be boring without the bumps, right? “Let’s go crazy!”  (I will not apologize for my continued love for Prince, so don’t ask!)

Live Creatively,


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22 Replies on “Labor of Love


    Good for you Mandy~ you go girl:) What a fun outlet to express your thoughts and ideas! Looking forward to reading all you fun tips and creative take on life. Wishing you the best on these new journey of yours! ~Cheers!

  2. Patsy Wojo

    Watching your cute little family grow right outside my kitchen window has been so mcuh fun, can’t wait for the “inside scoop”!

    Best of Luck Mandy!

  3. Momtoni4

    So happy for you and excited to follow you on your journey! I have always admired your writing skills, creative FB posts, and beautiful photos; and look forward to learning from you too!! Good luck!
    Many Blessings, T

  4. Theresa French

    Way to go girlfriend!!! LOVE the site! I had no idea you were such an amazing writer. I loved every bit of it..and your humor. From one “chatty ” mom to another…chat on sista!!! Oh, and by the way, also didn’t know you had a hidden talent of being so organized! I could use some help over here…LOL I’m happy and excited for your new journey and support you all the way.
    Love ya,

  5. Linda Dortmund

    Congrats Princess…you’ve found a wonderful way to share your great ideas and creative side! LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxo


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