School Is OUT!

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Yep, another school year is in the books. I am still waiting for my medal for surviving umpteen spelling tests, 98 packed lunches, a dozen or so morning ‘disagreements’, at least 7 missed buses, forgotten homework…someone please send me my medal!

School ends on such a high note. It takes a talented parent to ease the kids off their high and lower their expectations for the next couple months. Not every day will be spent partying, singing, winning trophies and bellying up to buffets of sugary foods.

Here is a glimpse of how Team Mathis spent the final week of education:

1st Grade Musical: DSC_1599 DSC_1628

Baby Girl had a speaking part. She practiced for weeks and said she would forever be famous after her gig! Love. Her.


Choir Concert:DSC_1848 DSC_1843

We continue to work on Big Bro’s self esteem and ability to express himself musically!



Crazy Hair Soccer Game: IMG_7881

You can feel the love she has for her coach, right?


Winning The Tournament:IMG_7895

Swept the tourney….5 wins, 2 shut-outs and 3 goals for my favorite player!


Bridging to Brownies:DSC_1923

Saying a silent prayer she is done with this…. ironing those patches is not on my list of things I do well. Grrr.


The second to last day is Field Day. It a bliss-filled day for my elementary kiddos. Bounce houses, water guns, face painting, tug-of-war…you name it and the school will provide it. The kids can barely get off the bus they are so exhausted.

DSC_1904 DSC_1863

The last day must be celebrated with a classroom party….because Field Day the day before wasn’t enough of a party. I will say that these parties are kept short and sweet. This year we did a Cereal Bar for Noah’s class and a Sundae Bar for Nat’s. Big hit!

DSC_1962     DSC_1966

And since I live among over-achievers (myself included!) we lovingly attack our kids as they step off the bus. They are met with sprays of water to the face, silly string to the hair and lots of screams.


Noah has learned to ditch his backpack early!

Of course the kids grab the water blasters and silly string and turn on the adults and each other….happens every year.

11270243_10205595819027278_9055968309852043504_o 11141723_10205595824467414_8236114186455491483_o

Did I mention we were over-achievers? This year, my neighbor M had the brilliant idea to surprise the kids with a DUNK TANK! Every child should have a dunk tank on their last day of school, right? Of course! The kids were stoked! It was surprisingly cheap too….only $14 per family. Sold.


Yep, that’s one of Nat’s best buds helping her get wet!


Such a good sport!

DSC_2047 DSC_2054

He was heckling his friends, so he kind of deserved this:


Ohio weather was not kind to us on this last day of school. It was C.O.L.D. Several of the boys disappeared for a bit. I found them out front. They had taken the hose and filled a baby pool with warm water…..hello instant hot tub!


These boys are gonna be trouble in college!

Here’s hoping your summer break is joyous for you and your kids!

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  1. Linda Dortmund

    More fun times and GREAT memories…think Daddy & I need to be there next year for the “last day off the bus” activities!!


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