Flea Market Flips

Flea Markets make me happy!

Call me crazy (my husband does), but finding a new treasure by rummaging through someone’s stuff, haggling over the price, hauling it to the car, cleaning/sealing/repurposing it and finding the perfect place for it gives me a giddy feeling!

My dad likes old stuff. My dad doesn’t get rid of anything. My dad loves a bargain. My dad took me to my first flea market when I was in Middle School….so it is all his fault. My Grandma Dortmund was the same way, so I guess it has been inherited. So far both of my kids have the ‘slight hoarder’ gene and both have a good mix of new and used items in their rooms, but I am anxious to see which one will start begging to tag along to the flea markets with me. Maybe I will get lucky and they both will! Poor Jeremy.

Some of my treasures have been brought home and placed right away. Others have spent months (sometimes years) in the garage before they find their perfect spot. Most have been slightly repurposed to fit our needs and heck, some just caught my eye and I “had to have it”! My husband really is a saint when it comes to my fleaing. Sometimes I will hear a long sigh and occasionally he hates what I bring home, but mostly he is patient and waits to see my plan. He has even helped bring a few of my visions to life! Thanks J!

Check back soon for pictures of some of my favorite flea market finds!



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