Meet Mama Mathis


I am Mama Mathis, AKA:

Mama to my two inspiring kids

Miranda to my church camp crush turned hubby

Mayo to my Uncle David

Amanda Marie Dortmund Mathis to the IRS

Princess to my biased parents

A to my brothers

Miss Mandy to my kid’s friends

Amanda to my college pals

Maaanday to a select few

Miss Dortmund to my former students

Mrs. Mathis to bill collectors

Lady Gaga to my team

Mandy to many……

I am a picture snapping, wine sipping, party planning, travel junkie who will find the perfect bin/box/bag to organize anything. I love being with my friends, chewing gum, Jesus, crossing items off of a list, roaming flea markets, playing with my family and taking naps…in no particular order.

I am a simple girl, raising my kids (Noah & Natalie) with my husband (Jeremy) in my hometown.  I cheer for the Ohio State Buckeyes, watch reality TV and thought it would be fun to take up tennis a couple years ago.  I am a “retired” elementary school teacher, am terrified of heights and whenever I go to the movies I get a Coke, popcorn (with butter) and Milkduds!

Wanna be friends?

3 Replies on “Meet Mama Mathis

  1. Kim Wingart

    I am so happy for you!! I hope this turns into everything you want and more. I can’t wait to read all your stories and ask questions if I have something I can bounce off of you, or just ask where to find that special something. I’m also glad there is someone else like me who loves to ask someone where they got something so I can go buy the same item. After all if we didn’t like it we wouldn’t ask and I think it show’s people they have good taste.

    You are a wonderful Mama!! Best of luck to you!!

    Kim Wingart


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