Meet My Team

I love my team!

Meet Jeremy Robert: He’s my husband (lucky guy). He picked me out when we were 12 years old…be careful who you meet at Church Camp! He begged (ok, asked, but he was on bended knee!) me to be his wife and I jumped at the opportunity. We have been floating around in marital bliss since 2004. Seriously, he is great. He lets me be ME, fights fair, spell checks all of my work and keeps me grounded. Jeremy is ok with wearing matching shirts, lends a hand to my selfies and keeps our family in giggles! He is not perfect as that would be unbearable, but he is perfect for me and he’s really good at rolling with the punches which comes in handy being married to me.


Yep, I married Slash!

Meet Noah Ryland: He made me a mama in 2005 (thank you Jesus). I always describe Noah as an old soul. He is beyond kind for a boy his age and he really understands what it means to be a friend. He is not stingy with his hugs, his prayers are meaningful and he protects his little sis even when she is a “pain”. Noah has no clue what he wants to be when he grows up, which I love. His favorite color is neon and you will be hard pressed to find him not wearing it. He even sneaks it on for church! Noah would LOVE to travel to Spain and meet his soccer hero, Lionel Messi. That dream has my travel wheels spinning! He’s happiest when he is playing a sport, usually soccer or baseball. He wears his hair long even though he gets teased. Noah is a lover of life, always looking to have a good time and find a reason to laugh. I asked him what he would change about the world and he said he would put an end to bullying…pretty cool kid if I do say so myself! He told me to add: “Noah is so awesome you would not believe it!”.

Fun is his middle name.

Meet Natalie Taryn: She completed our family in 2007. She is our constant reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey. Rarely is there a sense of urgency with her, unless of course it is to shop for new shoes! Natalie is a gym rat…if she isn’t at the gym for team practice, she is perfecting her handstands anywhere and everywhere. A leotard may be her favorite outfit! “Why” is her favorite word. She asks it many times a day and expects an answer to her questions. Natalie talks to God. I mean really talks to God (and Jesus). She is the reason my prayers now begin with, “Dear God & Jesus”…she asked ‘why’ we only prayed to one or the other and not both? She has shared a few of her conversations with the men upstairs and she is honest when she tells us she can’t wait to get to heaven to chat with them for real. I of course pray to Jesus for that day to be when she is old and grey. Natalie loves to be surrounded by her friends. The more the merrier. She is always ready to snuggle, gives long kisses and is most happy when her dog is in her arms. Natalie is planning to get married when she turns 19 and have 8 kids (insert heavy sigh here). She is quick with an eye roll and her facial expressions are priceless. If your camera is out, be prepared for a photo bomb, she has perfected them! She is one of a kind and I am blessed to call her mine.

With her dream pet, a goat.

Meet Winston Jagger: Jagger became a member of Team Mathis in March of 2014. After the constant begging and pleading from the kids I finally gave in. He is the perfect pooch for us….tolerates being carried everywhere, enjoys a good game of fetch and looks forward to being taken on ‘walks’ in a baby stroller. Noah and Natalie thank us every day for adding him to our family. That seems to make all the potty training accidents and shoe chewing a little less painful! I like to think he loves me best, but if he could talk I am sure he would challenge that remark!


Chilling with style.

Meet Rocky: Rocky is the final (I mean it) member of our team. He joined in September, 2018. The kids convinced us that Jagger was lonely during the day and needed a friend. And what makes the best friend? A Teddy Bear! Rocky is a Teddy Bear, a mix of Bichon and a Shih Tzu. I’m pretty sure we went with this breed in order to call him a ‘shih-t’! His bottom teeth stick out and are horribly crooked, he barks at his food container and drags his water bowl across the room. He’s scared of his shadow, sits on my feet while I pee and his favorite snack is mulch. He’s perfect and we love him endlessly.

Waiting for dinner.

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