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Holy Matrimony

Posted On July 14, 2015| 4 Replies


Ok, so it was 11 years ago, but I still consider myself a bride! Pretty sure I could not fit into my wedding gown, but I am not losing any sleep over it. I married my partner in crime 11 years ago…. 07/09/04. We planned the shindig in 7 months. My mom did most of the grunt work since Fiance’ and I were living in PA, but getting hitched in OH. Yes, we lived in sin before tying the knot. The good Lord has forgiven us so it’s alright for you to as well!

Doc can’t ever do anything the simple way. He made me solve a puzzle to get my ring. Here’s a picture of the puzzle…..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGet it? Yeah, I didn’t either. By this time (11/26/03) Doc had known me for like 18 years and he was certain I wouldn’t be able to solve his puzzle. After a few minutes of me racking my brain and him undoubtably sweating bullets he put us both out of our misery and handed me the card & pen. The card said: “Well Ewe Mare Me?” Check one:¬†AMD or AMM.


Yes, this is a page from our wedding scrapbook….

Wishing Well=Well (Will). Lamb=Ewe (You). Horse=Mare (Marry). Hospital ID=Me (Jeremy). Riddle solved! I checked AMM! The option boxes were a throw-back to when we started seriously dating 5 years prior…..he romantically asked me to ‘go with him’ on a bar napkin:


When it comes to Doc, I always check yes!


Here’s a little glimpse of the road leading to our wedding and the big day itself! It’s been a sweet 11 years. Some days it feels like 11 months and others it feels like 11 lifetimes, but I couldn’t imagine being someone else’s Mrs. I love you Doc! Happy Versary!


My dress guru and friend, Willy.

Bachelorette Trip to VEGAS!

Bachelorette Trip to VEGAS!

When your dad is a photographer you get to play dress-up before your wedding and take LOTS of pictures. It was a fun day! Every bride should do this!


Me & Sophie….our first child. Sitting on the front porch of the home I grew up in. That cool window in the background now hangs in my house!


When a bee flies into your veil, it is good to have your Mom close by to save the day!


Smiling for my Daddy.


After several hours I have lost my cool….


Pretty sure my Mom told me to “Act like a lady”……


I LOVED my veil!

Rehearsal....don't we look thrilled?

Rehearsal….don’t we look thrilled?

Me and my beauties!

Me and my beauties!

Doc and his guys having a deep conversations....about what drinks will be served in the limo!

Doc looks scared to death….his buddies do not look very reassuring either!


You can dress me up in a fancy gown, but I will always add my own little bit of hillbilly!


The happy parents…..

My Daddy took these next three pictures from his front row seat!


Me cracking up & Doc rolling his eyes…..


Shoving that ring on!


Sealing the deal!


We are always laughing….always! Sometimes behind each other’s back, but oh well!


Jello shots in the bus!


Love my “trespassing is fine” bridesmaids!


The whole gang. I love them so much!


Despite weeks of lessons, I had no idea what I was doing….Doc pushed me around like a doll! Seriously, look at the grip I have on his arm!


Dancing with my baby bro!


And dancing with myself!


All the men singing “Oh Mandy” to me!


We don’t like cake….so we served chocolate chip cookies instead. And apparently my future was so bright I needed shades!


He’s so kind………

Can’t believe that was 11 years ago!

As the saying goes: “May they live:


Live Creatively,