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Dear Pre-Pubescent Spawn,

Posted On April 29, 2016| 4 Replies

Dear Boy Wonder….I love you. I love you. I love you.

But, you are seriously testing my decision of choosing motherhood over the sweet life of a gypsy. I prayed to Jesus for you. I prayed to Jesus while I was carrying you. I prayed to Jesus on your BIRTHday and I have prayed to Jesus on your behalf every day since. Lately, I’ve decided to pray to Jesus that I will not harm you when you look at me head slightly cocked with those beautiful blue eyes in a narrow squint and those precious lips tightly pursed. Lucky for you, I was born with the “DoNotEverHarmYourChildrenChip” in my brain. For real, you are quite lucky.

Sometimes I think you are really a twin and I am on the receiving end of a terrible prank. There must be two of you. How else can it be explained? One day minute second you are my sweet angel, happy to be alive, singing with the birds, grinning in delight, clearing your dishes, saying ‘thank you’, emitting rays of sunshine from your butt. In a blink of an eye you become possessed by the Puberty Demon and all hell breaks loose. The rays of sunshine have turned to lighting bolts, your experiencing the ‘worst day of your life’ (over and over again!), your smile has turned up-side-down, chairs are being broken, insults are being thrown. It’s exhausting. One day I will find the hidden cameras in our home as I am positive that I am being Punk’d! Perhaps meeting Ashton Kutcher would make it all worth it. Maybe. Probably not.

I will push through. I will carry on. I will not lose the fight. I will pray. Just as my mama prayed for me and her mama prayed for her. Because you are worth it. And, I will need you to take care of me some day 😉

I see you. I see you looking in the mirror obsessing about your hair. I see you agonizing over the little pimple on your chin. I see you checking your phone to see if “she” likes you. I see the sadness in your eyes when you’ve been left out. I see you repeatedly fall on the slopes. And… I see you snuggle your dog. I see you hug your sister. I see you mouth “I love you” to me when I see you at school. I see you hit a home run. I see you sing a solo.  I see you all the time. 

I hear you. I hear you sigh. I hear your anger. I hear your frustration over homework. I hear you cry. I hear your ugly words to your sister. I hear you slam your door. I hear you mumble under your breath. And… I hear you ask to have dinner altogether. I hear you laugh with your friends. I hear you sing in the shower. I hear you talk about your day. I hear you cheer on your teammates. I hear you pray to Jesus. I hear you stick up for your peers. I hear you say “I love you, Mama”. I hear you all the time.

I smell you. I smell your Dorito breath. I smell your BO. I smell your sweaty head. I smell your rancid shoe drawer. I smell your poisonous toots. And… I smell your Axe body spray. I smell your lavender shampoo. I smell the brownies you baked on your own. I smell your pillow. I smell you all the time.

I feel you. I feel you tense up. I feel your struggles as if they are mine. I feel you ball your fists. I feel you smack your sister. I feel you stomp in your room. I feel your heartbreak. I feel the daggers you shoot into my back. And… I feel your soft cheek while you’re sleeping. I feel your mop of unruly hair. I feel your tight hugs. I feel the muscles forming under your skin. I feel your determination on the mound. I feel the love you have for life. I feel you all the time.

I will not fail you. I will frustrate you and hold you accountable. I will love you unconditionally. I will let some things slide. I will lose sleep over you and remind you to be kind. I will pray for you always.  I will not give up on you. I will not fail you. You are my son and I will never take that for granted.

Now, please put your dirty boxers in the hamper, get your big-ass binder off the kitchen counter, stop depleting our cellular data, wear deodorant every day, hang up your wet towel, stop wearing your $15 socks without shoes and give me a hug; a real hug.

Love, Mama


Several years ago…toothless and full of love. (can you see the rays of sunshine?)


Last week…fast asleep at 5:00PM. Sent to his room to cool off and this is how I found him a few minutes later.

Live Creatively,


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Noah’s 9th Arcade Adventure

Posted On October 7, 2014| 3 Replies

My video game junkie turned nine on August 6th!

Video Game Party


Noah is a gamer + He’s obsessed with Minecraft + His friends are gamers too = GAME TRUCK PARTY!

Noah had attended a couple Game Truck parties in the past year, so he was 100% certain of the theme for his 9th birthday. His mama was a little nervous at first (how could I maximize my creative energy into a party that centered around a giant arcade?), but once I embraced the theme there was no turning back!

I found the cutest invitation on Etsy…check it out HERE

Video Game Party


The shop owner was amazing to work with and even created a matching Thank You card and Cupcake Toppers. Look, I am not teasing when I say these were perfect.

Video Game Party


Video Game Party


I wanted to use more than just GREEN. Green truck, green Minecraft game…this party planner needed more than green. Hence the blue and red added to the invites and toppers! So, I had my theme and colors, which meant I was ready to plan!

The favors! I know you don’t need them and guests don’t expect them, but I love them! Realistically the giant arcade sitting at the end of my driveway would have been ‘favor’ enough, but I could not squelch the need to present each Gamer a goodie bag as they left.

Video Game Party

These were pretty simple, thanks to Etsy! They included:

Elixcir Bubbles (Clash of Clans), buy HERE

Diamond Boxes (Minecraft), customized, buy HERE. Fill with blue candy!

Mining Sanitizer (Minecraft), buy HERE

Bird Toy (Angry Birds), clearance section of Hobby Lobby

Arcade Candy (Space Invaders), Old Navy

Gummies (Angry Birds), Party City

Cookie (Pac-Man), buy HERE

Video Game Party Video Game PartyVideo Game Party Video Game Party



We started the day singing HBD to our always-smiling boy. He loves candles (well, fire) so we put candles in pretty much every meal during Birthday Week. See:


Happy 9th Birthday Noah!


Next up was party prep. The Game Truck was scheduled for 2:30, which meant mama was in over-drive.

Video Game Party

Notice Jagger getting in on the party prep!

Video Game Party

Drink Station


Video Game Party: Creeper Juice     Video Game Party

Video Game Party     Video Game Party

I spent several hours learning as much as I could stomach about Minecraft and all of the items you can mine because Noah wanted a Minecraft Buffet. With the enormous help from Etsy I found these creative food tents which made me very happy. You can buy them HERE.

Video Game Party Video Game Party Video Game Party Video Game Party



This buffet was so much fun! Many of the items were purchased from the grocery store. I made the ‘lava’, red jello shots (non-alcoholic, of course) a few days before. The ‘dirt grass’ was a double batch of Rice Krispie treats with green icing. The TNT was Twizzlers cut and half and wrapped with TNT paper (included with my food tents). I ordered the golden gum balls (golden apples) and colored rock candy from HERE. Please do not make the same mistake I did and order clear rock candy for diamonds….Minecraft diamonds are BLUE. Let’s just say I heard about it from Noah and one, or two, or three of his gamer friends! Who knew?!

We did not see much of the boys for the two hours the truck was parked in my street. Every once in a while a gamer would emerge from the darkness, eyes shielded and wobble up to the buffet for an energy boost. I must admit the truck was pretty cool. I had a small vision of an adult only retro gaming party (with real jello-shots!).

Video Game Party

All smiles in the dark, air conditioned rolling tomb of gamer paradise!

Video Game Party

These boys take their gaming seriously!

After two hours the game truck pulled away and there may have been a few tears shed…but I will not name any names! Ok, it was Jeremy…because now we had to entertain 16 zoned-out boys! EEK! Good thing I had a plan. I knew the boys would need to burn off some energy after staring at pixelated screens for two hours. I also know that these boys love Minute-to-Win-It games. I decided they needed to earn their dessert. In Minecraft there are 9 ingredients you need to make cake. Perfect, huh? Nine ingredients, Noah is nine, we were serving cake! Sometimes the party gods deliver a gift on a platter!

Find the Ingredients for Cake Scavenger Hunt/MTWI Challenge:

Video Game Party    Video Game Party

Video Game Party    Video Game Party

Video Game Party    Video Game Party

1-transferring 9 tic-tacs from one cup to another with tweezers

2-stacking cans and paper plates

3-wrapping the birthday boy as a mummy

4-cereal box puzzles

5-tipping over bottles with a baseball in pantyhose

6-moving cookie from forehead to mouth without hands

7-bouncing ping pong balls into plastic cups

8-unrolling toilet paper rolls 2 at a time

9-blow a Solo cup across the table to their partner and back again

A clue was given for a certain location. At the location the ingredient was found with instructions for their MTWI game. While they were finding the clues, we were setting up the  next MTWI game. I had all of the game supplies in different baskets so it was a quick set-up each time!

I made this ‘Ingredient Board’ where the boys taped the cake ingredients when they found them.



When the board was complete, the cake (cupcakes) were served!

Video Game Party    Video Game Party


Here’s the whole Gamer Gang:

Video Game Party

Future members of Video Gamers Anonymous


And it is crazy how popular these little guys were. I found them at Brother’s (boy side of Justice) and almost didn’t buy them, because I thought they would be considered ‘babyish’! Boy, was I wrong! I even had a few boys ask if they could take them home! Look how cute….

Video Game Party

Noah and his cousin creep it up!


And as you have probably figured out…I am a stickler for themed shirts for our parties. I love how my whole family plays along!

Video Game Party

You are SO loved, Noah!


Live Creatively!




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